One woman. Two dogs. No plan. Simply freedom. Build and live in a tiny home as an experiment to fix the housing affordability and disconnection in Oz.

My stories are a reflection of my experiences and life lessons. I want the stories I share to be the catalyst for people to turn inward and look at their own life and see what makes them truly joyful, UP and alive.

More and more people are striving to live consciously, live simply and live in harmony with each other and mother nature to create more abundance on individual, family, community and global levels.


My Plan

The plan is to have no plan!

Actually the plan originally started out as a desire to design and build a tiny home prototype as a potential solution to ease the housing affordability crisis in Australia. 

With the assistance of my amazing builder Claybuild I fell in love with prototype and the plan hatched into deciding to trial living in a tiny house on wheels myself as an experiment. If I wouldn’t live in one how could I expect others to embrace this as an affordable option.

And so the plan morphed into a journey of downsizing, minimalizing and contemplating what gives me joy and what matters most in my life.

The journey has now transformed into a personal research experiment – a living PhD study looking at a simpler, slower way of living and being. I do this through self-reflection on my own journey and experience as well as interviews with people I meet along the path.

I invite you to join me a one or some of the points along the journey and I welcome your warm invitations to park and stay on your land or home or property, to share your stories and hear about your journey through life. Because what I know for sure is it’s what’s inside that counts.

What do you crave?

What does your heart truly desire?

When you are alone what do you dream of?

My guess is you want to a more fulfilling life.

  • You want to have meaningful relationships with other real humans.

  • You want to do your bit to help the world, be of service, to matter.

  • You want to eat clean and feel lighter and more alive.
    You want to dump the crap, the things cluttering your house, your mind, your calendar that don’t really serve you nor give you any joy.

  • You want to slow down, pause and go deep.

  • You want to receive lumpy mail that’s not bills but postcards, love notes, little hand-written cards of kindness.

  • You want to become an explorer both within yourself and your thoughts and desires and outside in the world.

  • You want to go on a journey to lead you to your own Promised Land, a place of knowing who you are, with freedom to be completely yourself and to express that uniqueness fully.

  • You want to push the boundaries and take more risks to really feel UP and alive.