When she’s not slow travelling, practicing yoga, making videos or writing, she’s most likely speaking.

Alexandria Joy’s facilitation and speaking style engages audiences of any size with interactive exercises she likes to call “moments of joy.” From her 20 years as a corporate leadership and communication facilitator she knows that people need to go through shared experiences to gain insight and retain and apply knowledge. Her sessions are energetic, lively and UPtimistic with the audience’s outcomes front and centre.

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How to get the most out of her sessions:

  • Engage with her in stimulating conversation, participation and laughter.

  • Appreciate her UPtimistic grand visions and listen to her stories.

  • Share your deep, philosophical questions.

  • Don’t be phoney, bossy or clingy.

Alexandria’s keynote topics include:

  • The Art of Slow Living: Pressing Pause for Busy People

  • UP Yourself: 3 Ways to Boost Your Clarity, Confidence and Connection

  • The Joyful Life: Finding, Living and Giving Joy

  • Uptimistic: The Future of Life, Work and Meaning

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Alexandria’s presentations today. I came away feeling empowered and would have loved the opportunity to hear more from her. Thank you! I hope our paths will cross again.
— Donna Ford

Alexandria Joy shares The Joy Box Journey with young people across Australia. Her aim is to inspire the future generation of world changers to overcome internal self-doubt and learn the inner confidence and understanding to live UP & ALIVE - living sustainably within their own and the planet’s needs.

School Sessions are approximately an hour long and include the ‘why’ behind what Alexandria Joy is doing as well as facilitated workshop style to get the students thinking and talking about what gives them joy, what they really need versus want and lots of lessons she’s learnt about turning your ideas into a reality.

These sessions can be tailored for both primary and secondary students in all types of formats such as classes, assemblies, evening events, and staff meetings. Depending on her location at the time in her travels and access to the grounds, the session may also include an additional tour around the outside and a peek inside The Joy Box tiny house.

Because Alexandria is passionate about empowering and equipping the next generation of world changers, she charges a reduced speaking fee for schools. The fee covers her time, travel if required and resources. If you're interested in a quote, please contact us.

What Teachers are saying:

Thank you for your presentation yesterday. Our students ambassadors have provided some great feedback, and all said they would highly recommend the program to others. It was great to see the students engaged and thinking about their life and future.
— Tomaree High School

What Students are Saying:

- Well this was really fun and fresh and I had fun and enjoyed it a lot!!

- Really fun, liked the activities.

- Very good – great fun!! This program was an awesome opportunity to have. It has taught me many life lessons.

- I love this!! I had lots of fun and got to know myself and my friends better. Thank you!!

Throughout 2019 Alexandria Joy is taking her life all over the country. While the plan is to have no plan, currently Alexandria Joy knows she will be hitting the following towns and locations around certain dates.

Please check out the below upcoming tours to see if one will work for you. If you book during one of these trips, you save on travel expenses.

2019 travelling dates

1-23 Overseas pilgrimage

1-14 Newcastle
15-22 Mid North Coast

20-26 Bendigo

*Please note that dates are flexible to change depending on interest, demand and the weather.